John Lewis v Inception

Upon seeing the new John Lewis Christmas 2013 spot, I was (as usual) greatly impressed by yet another tear-jerker of an ad. However, I felt the usual ‘floaty’ cover of a popular song was a bit done-to-death, after the third year.

Music can be so crucial to the mood of an ad – often the wrong music can completely change the story. Especially when your end line is “Give someone a christmas they’ll never forget”.

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Friends of Buckfast

With the success of Coca-Cola’s ‘share a coke’ campaign, we’ve seen a few of its competitors try get in on the act.

Scotland’s national drink Irn Bru launched its cheeky viral seeing ‘Fanny’ adorning the famous can. Now, could Scotland’s other ‘national drink’ Buckfast be following suit?

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Child of the 90s

Although I’m very much a child of the 80’s, I still find my nostalgia bone tickled by this lastest spot in the ongoing charm-offensive from Internet Explorer.

My historical dislike of Microsoft products aside, this does help IE ingratiate themselves somewhat to those of us now in their late 20s and early 30s (exactly the same age as the web’s core movers and shakers – funny that?!).

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Disney remasters Star Wars

Today saw the announcement of Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm and with it, the jewel in the crown of George Lucas’ empire – the Star Wars franchise. With plans to release several new films in the series, many fans are worried what shape these new films could take in the oversized mikey-mouse hands of the Disney Corporation.

Whatever happens, surely it can’t be as bad as these shameless brand tie-ins?

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Best in Build: Lego Ray Gun

To say I’m a sucker for large-scale Lego creations is putting it mildly. The latest creation from Dave Kaleta has the catchy moniker of The Tesla Handheld Directed Energy Projector – or ‘ray gun’ to you and I. Merging Sci-Fi and Lego – a potent geek mix indeed.

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Ad’s Clever: Band names made real

An iTunes voucher is the gift of choice for the grandparent that knows that an MP3 is not a Japanese sports car and a download is not a type of pickup truck. So the sight of Apple’s ‘off-the-shelf’ gift cards, in their various denominations, are becoming more common at checkouts throughout the world.

Not the most exciting gift I think you’d agree. So it’s nice to see this print campaign by Publicis Brussels took a rather more original view on the availability of music at your local supermarket.

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Ad’s Clever: Angry Birds Live

It’s the game that’s become the Smart Phone Generation’s ‘Snake’. Angry Birds is the addictive time-waster that’s had everyone hooked for the last year.

With such worldwide popularity, the only surprise is that it’s not been highjacked by magpie-like ad men sooner. Well, credit must go to Saatchi & Saatchi for providing a very well thought out, and executed ad, which ties in perfectly with T-Mobile’s message. Only bad things is, like the game, you want to reach for the mute button after a only a few seconds.

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Bachelor Padding: Convertible pool tables

Life is all about compromises. Especially if you live with someone. And sometimes there’s just not enough space for those items deemed ‘unessential’. So, more often than not, the larger relics of one’s youth are replaced with more sensible options.

Well, things are changing. The space-saving pioneers at Chevillotte believe that keg parties and dinner parties can co-exist. Introducing the convertible pool table.

Available in a range of styles to suit most homes, these real life ‘transformers’ can become a regular dinner table or work station simply by raising the level and reversing the top. Although it is recommended you move it’s balls before you do so. So to speak.

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Ad’s Clever: Land Rover LR4 “Pathological Liar”

How do you convey safety in a car ad? Peaceful sleeping babies? Smiling mothers gazing contentedly over their shoulder towards a happy 2.4 kids? Well, this amusing spot for the new Land Rover LR4 by Y&R New York takes a slightly more ‘truthful’ approach.

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Humour Us: Jack Wills Royal Wedding hoodie

The Royal Wedding is almost upon us and every fashion magazine is poised to get the first snaps of what Kate Middleton will be wearing on the big day. But what about after the wedding? I’d imagine the future Queen might need something a little more comfortable for her honeymoon travels?

If Kate is truly to take on the mantle of the ‘People’s Princess’ then surely a hoodie is the perfect traveling companion? And who better to provide this limited edition garment than the trendy ‘toff’ label and self-proclaimed ‘University Oufitter’ Jack Wills. I’m sure they’ll go down a storm at St Andrews Univeristy, if nowhere else.

Legal Disclaimer: This is not an official product and has nothing to do with the Royal Family or Jack Wills. Designed by Chris Hannah.